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A prenup for

your financial future

as a married couple.

Create a prenuptial agreement. Have it reviewed by an attorney.

Why Get a Prenup?

If you are an entrepreneur or professional, and want to keep all your equity stakes separate from joint assets

If you own real estate with business partners or family, and want to keep it separate

If one of you is more prone to taking out more debt than the other

If both of you want to waive spousal support *In California, you must both have an attorney*

Full disclosure and transparency around both of your financial situations

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How It Works


Enter information about you and your future spouse


A prenuptial agreement is emailed to you


Have your prenup reviewed by a licensed attorney (Optional)


“After talking to friends who signed prenups, we also decided to get a prenup. Lauren had more debt, and I had more assets, so we decided to keep everything separate.”

Andrew P., Attorney and Lauren S., Attorney

“Having a prenuptial agreement allowed my husband and I to have a frank and honest conversation about the financial situations we were each in. I knew that eventually I was going to quit being a teacher and start my own company so I decided that it would be easier to keep everything separate.”

Sammy L., Investment banker and Andrea F., Teacher

Why Endure?

Protect your future

Without a prenup, you are leaving your financial future up to your state’s laws


Fill out the questionnaire and get a prenup – it’s that easy


Prenuptial Agreements drafted by attorneys can cost $5,000 to $20,000 – Endure costs $495


Your data is secure and safe with us


Your prenuptial agreement will be emailed to you within 3-5 days after you fill out the questionnaire

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